USPS Postal Experience Survey – A Guide To Participate

The United States Postal Service also is known as the U.S. Mail, or Postal Service or post office is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States Federal Government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states.  This postal service is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

The USPS is the operator of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world.  The USPS is legally obligated to serve all Americans, at uniform price and quality.  The USPS has exclusive access to letter boxes marked “U.S. Mail” and personal letterboxes in the United States but now has to compete against private package delivery services such as United Parcel Service and FedEx.


The United States Postal Service employs some 617,000 workers, making it the third largest civilian employer in the United States behind the federal government and Walmart. The USPS operates one of the largest civilian vehicle fleets in the world.  It is by geography and volume the globe’s largest postal system, delivering 47% of the world’s mail. For every penny increase in the national average price of gasoline, the USPS spends an extra US$8 million per year to fuel its fleet.

USPS also known as United States Postal services invites its customers to share their views and opinions.  The customer’s feedback is used for the betterment of the services. By getting the feedback from the customers they can improve the quality of their services to the customers by doing some changes in the service given by USPS.

Steps to follow to take the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey

  • First, the participant should open the program utilizing Chrome or any kind of program.
  • The should visit the official site of USPS
  • Thirdly, should select the language of their decision as either English or Spanish.
  • Fourthly, should click the alternative.

USPS Survey

  • Fifthly, should enter the ZIP code which is given in the buy receipt and afterward, they should click the following button.
  • At that point, they should pick the area of their visit to USPS.
  • The participant should select the date of their visit to USPS.
  • At last, should answer all the inquiries asked in the site, the inquiries will be founded on the past experience of USPS.
  • Not long after in the wake of finishing the survey, the participant should submit it.
  • At that point, they should enter their name, Residential address, contact number, etc.
  • Toward the end, after the finishing of the survey, the participant will get the opportunity to win the monetary rewards or stamps or top of the line stamps.

Rules to take part in this Survey

  • As a matter of importance, as far as possible the participant should be 18 years or more
  • In addition, they should be a lawful occupant of the United States.
  • Most importantly, the workers and their relatives of the USPS are not permitted to take part in this survey.
  • From USPS the participant should buy something at any rate once.
  • They must have a PC or a laptop or a smartphone with internet access.
  • They should have knowledge of English or Spanish language.

Instructions to follow in order to complete the survey

  • First, the participant should open the web browser on their device.
  • They should visit the official survey site of USPS or should click on the official website.
  • Once they click on that link, they will be redirected to the USPS survey website.
  • Click next and then they will land on a new page.
  • The participant should read the information provided on the screen and then click next.
  • Then, they should enter the Zip code printed at the top of the receipt.
  • Now, they should enter the required details.
  • And then should click next to proceed.
  • Now the participants need to answer all the survey questions genuinely.
  • After completing, they should submit the survey.

Rewards of the Postal Experience Survey

  • As a reward of the USPS client experience survey 2019, one can win either a money prize/stamp.
  • In the event suppose one has won money value, at that point a coupon will be given, which they can reclaim on the following visit to the mail station.
  • The coupon must be reclaimed just in the required period.
  • On the Off chance they win a stamp, at the point, they can gather it from the neighborhood post office.
  • The participant should convey their past buy receipt with them, when they are visiting they are visiting the mail station to make the most of their prizes.


When someone takes part in the USPS experience survey, they can get a chance to win a money prize or a stamp prize.  By giving their feedbacks the USPS can improve their service so that the customers will get a good service from them.

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