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About MetroPCS company:

The MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless mobile carrier brand which is owned by T-Mobile and it is originated in the United States.  In the telecommunication industry, the mother company of MetroPCS is the fifth largest operated mobile company and is one of the best wireless communication medium devices in the world.  By the year 2005, this company has earned about 1.5 million users alone in the parent country, the United States of America.

This company has launched various ways of communication facilities like Corporate Communication Services, Personal Communication Services, individual plans, family plans, Best of Metro PCS plans, etc.  This Metro PCS company issues 50 million shares in public offers worth 27.90$ and occupies 8 billion Dollar marker cap in the international share market. In the last decade of the wireless business, this estimation of market equity makes it one of the largest telecommunication companies.   The best experience of using the Metro PCS services is it provides the customer’s experience at the same level throughout the service timing that they are using a large network with fast 4G LTE service with unlimited data plans.

About MetroPCS Bill Payment Guide

Accessing the Metro PCS Payment Page:

  •    First, the customer has to start by going to the Metro PCS website homepage, at  They have to enter that address into the browser. Then they will be taken to the Metro PCS website’s homepage.
  •    Once they have got to the Metro PCS website’s homepage, they can notice that there is a main menu at the top, with items like ‘Shop’, Support and ‘Payment’.  Then they should click on the Payment link, from that main menu.
  •    Once they click on the ‘Payment’ link, they will be taken to the page where they can make the actual payment.  As required, they should just enter the Metro PCS phone number and confirm it.
  •    Then on the next screen, they should enter the credit or debit card details and finally confirm the payment.  Then the transaction will be completed.

Metro PCS Payment Options:

The customer has two key options, in terms of how they can pay Metro PCS bills online.  The first option is where one can make a payment without logging in-that is, by just entering their Metro PCS phone number and confirming it.  The second option is where one chooses to log in first and make the payment while logged in. In the latter option, they have to enter their

Metro PCS phone number alongside the account PIN, in order to log in.  Then they can then proceed to make the payment while logged in.

Steps to follow to make the Metro PCS Payments online:

  •    The first step is to go to the Metro PCS website, at
  •    When they get the Metro PCS website, the next step is to click on the ‘Payment’ link, from the main menu at the top of the homepage. This link is in the same line with other links like the ‘Shop’ and ‘Support’ links.  So, from that menu, one can click on the ‘Payment’ link.
  •    When the customers click on the ‘payment’ link, they are taken to the online payments page.  There, they can opt to either pay without logging in or pay while logged in.
  •    If they opt to pay without logging in, they should just enter their Metro PCS phone number.  Then they should enter the amount they wish to pay, as well as credit or debit card details and should confirm the payment to complete the process.
  •    Suppose the customer opt to pay while logged in, they should click on the button that says ‘Make a Payment with login’.  Upon clicking on that button, they will be taken to a page where they need to enter the MetroPCS phone number and account PIN, in order to log in.  Once they have logged in, they can proceed to enter the payment amount as well as credit or debit card details. They the customer can confirm the details, in order to complete the payment.

Benefits of different MetroPCS payment data plans:

The MetroPCS comprises of various data plans which actually are pretty much beneficial for users and makes the user using an extra beneficial data plan with all certain specific benefits along with it.  This has data plans with both prepaid and postpaid facility with 4G LTE service and this enables the user to select various tariff plans. The various plans are:

Personal Communication Service: this service prices start and vary minimum with $30 to $60 per month with limited speed for 30 dollar and unlimited with $60 per month and so on.  The best part to use these plans is that these are very cheaper compared to other data plans. This service provides good performance in urban and rural areas with 35GB data on unlimited plans.  Probably, this is one of the best-prepaid telecommunication service providers in the world.

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